Should Your MVP Use a Client Side JS Library Like Angular

04 February 2017 on . 1 minute to read


Why Not Angular (Or any client side JS framework implementation to start)?

The key for whether or not your MVP should something like Angular is in the M. Specifically “Minimum”. Your goal for launching this MVP is simply that: Launch It. Let’s go down the list:

  • Does Angular help your app get developed quicker? No.
  • Does Angular give you extra cool cred while delaying release? Yes.
  • Do buzzwords provide user features? No.
  • Is it awesome? Yes.
  • Is it awesome at getting your product out the door quicker? No.
  • Does your app NEED it? Almost definitely not, and definitely not right away.

Why Are You Talking About This?

Sometimes you see horrible things and have to get them off your chest and let the world know not to repeat the egregious mistakes of others. The short version is this: In certain circles (people just entering the game, and some code schools) Angular is touted as the be all end all. It’s awesome, but not for any real purpose that I’ve seen where an MVP is concerned. Even when you’re far, far beyond an MVP, the chances that you actually need client side rendering and a pure API application are low.

The most recent casualty of “Must use Angular” is a business a recent client wanted to launch which was incredibly far behind schedule. Why? Their previous team had built it Angular, which added unneccessary development time while providing zero benefits at this point in the game or for any foreseeable time in the future.

There were other development related reasons why their project took 3-4x as long as it should have; Angular was the primary symptom of that.

This Is Opinionated

Very. My opinion is that development should be efficient. Rails can easily build powerful, scalable and beautiful frontends. It’s made as a full framework; utilize it as such.

Another opinion I have which has been proven out time and again is that if you want an application developed, do it right, and use the experts. Work with someone who’s experienced and you can grow to trust.

If you enjoy having free time and the peace of mind that a professional is on your side, then you’d love to have me work on your project.

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