Construct your business with a custom web application

Do you currently use an outdated Microsoft Access database? Another large segment of future clients are those who conduct business solely via email and track everything on spreadsheets. Those tools can be great when you start off, but as you grow, there’s only so much data entry you can handle. Building an application allows you to transition all those tasks into a quick, trustworth and secure portal. Roughly half of the clients I’ve worked with have never had a web application built before. I believe broaching this new territory for business owners should be a pleasant, straightforward experience.

The time has come. Business is booming. Whether that means a flood of new orders and customers are flowing in or your key clients are pushing more orders through, your business has really, finally taken off. Along with the elation which comes from these first tangible steps towards success comes responsibilities. How are you to manage more throughput while maintaining the same quality service which made you a success in the first place? You have a few options:

The above all have pros and cons.

Work Harder

There’s only 24 hours in a day, so no matter how hard you work, if you want to continue growing, eventually you’ll run out of time. Yes, you’ll save money in the short term, but, and we’ve all seen it play out many times, this road leads towards fatigue, burning out and in the end, losing. Working harder is the best path; up to a point. Depending on how much you’re willing to sacrifice your personal health, social and family time, you could work 16 hour days non stop. However, most of us can’t come remotely close to that workload, and will fall apart long before we reach the output potential of two 8 hour days.

Hire Help

Hiring help on is the classic go to as business expands. However, hiring someone on comes with a different set of responsibilities; namely your time and providing an income for your new employee. You’ll have to move everything that’s in your head onto paper and help them absorb it, unless they come ready to go with specific knowledge of your particular business and customers.

Streamline Your Process

I’m a huge fan of working efficiently. Never work harder when working smarter is an available option. Working smarter is almost always an available option, so choose it. For your business, this would mean analyzing, step by step, how you conduct and operate. From client acquisition to receiving payments, there are distinct steps to take. Making each step as efficient as possible is the smart way to proceed. You’ll put in the same amount of hours, but get much, much more accomplished. Now, say you’ve already streamlined or would like some help increasing your efficiency… That’s where I come in.

Let Machines Do the Repetitive Work

I’ve worked with all types of businesses from nonprofits to multi billion dollar revenue per year companies. For each of them, regardless of scale and number of employees, the challenge is the same; Identify the tasks best suited to humans and the tasks best suited to computers, and create or optimize systems which play on those strengths.

As business looking to expand your capabilities, here are some common tasks which you probably engage in:

All of the above become are necessary, though menial, parts of the day to day life. Imagine what would happen if you could reduce the time spent on each of those by half. Imagine further that for some, you never had to manually do it again. Think of the amount of time that would free up. They key here is to ensure your business can scale up with the minimal involvement from you. Whether you service one customer or one million customers in a given day, a properly designed and implemented platform as the basis of your business will enable you to go big. Go big without killing yourself. You want a system that is rock solid reliable. Something powerful, stable and built to last.

Reptition and Consistency

Be honest; no matter how perfect anyone is, we all get tired. Life can take a toll or maybe you haven’t had your coffee yet. When that happens, we introduce errors into what we thought was a good process. Know what’s better than being an ace at sending reminder and notification emails to customers or entering numbers into excel, access or some google docs? Not having to worry, because a computer program is feeding and manipulating your data into the appropriate places. Whether it’s looking up taxes for counties, states, cities, MSRPs on vehicles or even checking the weather for cities and updating something on a website, these all take time and introduce the possibility of fat fingering the data entry. The big players all use applications to do these sorts of tasks; you should too.

Use an Expert

Those needs I described above all come together to the following:

You may run your business from an old MS Access database. Perhaps from a collection of excel spreadsheets (I’ve seen some crazy spreadsheets, believe me) or entirely via nonstop emails back and forth with current and potential customers. You may even have built a system up which uses all kinds of different technologies put together to serve your needs. Whatever it is, I guarantee that building a dedicated system suited to your specific business needs will reduce errors, free up your time, and provide a clear path going forward. Never have to spend days onboarding new help to the system that you know in your head but don’t have written out. Properly designed applications will make it clear what information goes where as well as the next step to take.

Contact me, and we’ll put together an application you trust to perform correctly and reliably. It’s a game changer and will help your business grow without adding extra strain or stress on you.