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What started as an open source project has made it to the big time via an acquisition by First Data Corporation (also based in Atlanta, in fact I can see their headquarters from my window right now). Though development on the open source project continues, it looks like more of the development will be shifted towards items which benefit First Data, possibly internal only use.

Notable companies which use Spree:


Solidus is based on Spree, but split off from it in order to focus on what Bonobos felt were some much needed improvements. The development here has been focused on providing a quicker, more scalable product than what Spree offers. Spree’s main weak point that I’ve found is the fact that creating large orders (hundreds of items in your cart) can be quite slow; Solidus has focused development around improving these items.

Notable companies which use Solidus:

RoR Ecommerce (Ruby on Rails Ecommerce)

The third available tool is RoR Ecommerce.

Another example of a Ruby on Rails based ecommerce platform is a huge one: Shopify. Shopify operates on a massive scale powering over 377,500 merchants and millions of orders a day, racking up an impressive $29 billion worth of orders through their system. That goes to show what some TLC and smarts can accomplish.

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