If you’re curious about what a web application can do for you, read what I can do for you with Grow Your Business With a Web Application

It can be simple: You spend all your time entering data on into a spreadsheet, generating reports and emailing it to people and need that automated.

It can be complex: Due to your new locations opening across the globe, you need location specific services and all the data from your different branches integrated into a platform for viewing company wide reports.

Regardless of your needs, big or small, there’s a solution to it. Read below for a sampling of what I can implement for you. Got something specific in mind? Contact me and let’s discuss it.


Need to scale your application up to handle orders of magnitude more traffic? Did you know that lightning fast responses for your users directly influences how much money and time they’re willing to spend browsing your site? If you’d like to handle more traffic at blazing speeds, contact me to bring your site up to speed.

Optimizing databases and employing solutions like Redis, Elasticsearch and highly scalable storage technologies are my go to tools for enabling your site to handle traffic from all over the world in a quick and reliable manner.


I offer a variety of auditing services such as:


MVP stands for “Minumum Viable Product”. It’s what’s required to get your business up and running for the least cost and maximum value. Rapid, robust and reliable development is what propelled Ruby on Rails to greatness, and is why I continue to use it. It allows your ideas to implemented the quickest and cleanest way. This allows you to get to market and start your business as fast as possible. Most of these stem from a business owner who doesn’t have the time to spend all day massaging Excel spreadsheets, exporting information to CSVs and then emailing suppliers. Automating your life saves you time and introduces the utmost reliability and 24/7 availability to your processes. These often take the shape of a customized content management system (CMS) to easily manage your data.

APIs and Integrations

Service integration and APIs are what power the modern web. As APIs become more widespread, they’ve grown exponentially, this opens more opportunities for your application to work with a growing number of data sources and services. Whether you need to access this data, send text messages and emails from your application or something else, I’ll make sure it’s done in a timely and reliable fashion.

Don’t miss out on your chance to make your application the best possible. Contact me and you’ll be up and running in no time.