How to Specify the Foreign Class for Rails Associations in a Different Namespace

15 June 2017 on . 1 minute to read

Referencing Classes From Another Namespace

Say you’ve got the following classes:

class Foo < ApplicationRecord

class Foos::FooBarBazs::Baz < ApplicationRecord
    belongs_to :foo

Normally for Rails, we can pass a simple has_many :baz, but for models in a different namespace, you have to specify the class name, so it would look like this:

class Foo < ApplicationRecord
    has_many :baz, class_name: "Foos::FooBarBazs::Baz"

The above works great, and is what’s recommended in the official docs. However, it presents a problem when code is refactored and you don’t have sufficient code coverage. To remedy that, do the following:

  • enable eager loading for your test environment
  • use a constant, not a string

Using a Constant

The following don’t work:

  • has_many :baz, class_name: Foos::FooBarBazs::Baz
  • has_many :baz, class: Foos::FooBarBazs::Baz

However, what DOES work is: has_many :baz, class_name: Foos::FooBarBazs::Baz.to_s

Now eager loading will catch any typos made here since that would introduce a NameError: uninitialized constant. Also, we’re working with classed and objects in ruby, not strings, so my opinion is that it looks and reads much nicer as well.

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