Rails 5 Base App With Sidekiq, Devise, Bootstrap, Cocoon

22 October 2016 on . 1 minute to read

Ruby on Rails

Always Have a Good Place to Start

Over the last few months I’ve had a couple ideas bouncing around in my head for experimental projects. After creating basic versions of them, I found myself repeating steps to set those applications up. So, I decided to DRY up my life and create a base Rails 5 application with all my usual configuration changes extracted out to a couple environment variables. Now, I can simply clone this application, change 3-5 lines in .env and immediately get to feature development.

Without further ado, the repo: Rails 5 Base Application Repo

Feel free to clone, fork and use for yourself. As long as I continue to develop with Rails, this repo will be evolving to keep my personal workflow efficient.


  • Google Analytics
  • S3 Storage for file attachments (Carrierwave + Fog)
  • Heroku ready deploy and backup tasks for both production and staging apps (Excellent for Heroku Pipeline development)
  • Admin view/controller templates in /doc folder (scaffold generators is on the todo list)
  • Capybara, Cucumber, RSpec, VCR configured and ready to go
  • Absolute mininmal configuration, simply change rails module name and a few env vars to be fully started
  • Exception notification emails
  • Cocoon for nested attributes: Very helpful for admin forms
  • Boostrap/Jquery/Sass configured and ready to go

Future Work

Currently, the application layout is incredibly basic and needs some styling so that it’s in a production ready visual state to start with. Additionally, since I’ve got a very defined Solano CI/Heroku/Github/Pivotal Tracker workflow I engage in, I’ll assemble a script which will provision all of needed resources and setup my usual integrations to provide a true out of the box development experience.

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