How to Setup Solr on Rails with Sunspot

20 August 2016

Cache it, keep it updated.


It’s inevitable that as you develop applications, clients and users will want searching added. Completely inevitable. What happens when you need to extend beyond searching fields that are saved on your models? There’s also the ever present need to keep things scalable. Having a solution that grows with you and isn’t tied 100% to your schema can not only impress, but save you time in the long run. Check out Solr, the incredibly powerful search solution from Apache. In this article, I’ll show you how to set it up do a basic search.


Rails: Multiple #joins on the Same Table and Avoiding Ambiguity

30 March 2016

Not a car. Or is it?

Ambiguous Column References in Rails

I was messing around on the console today, and ran into an interesting problem when joining a model to another model twice. An ambiguous column reference. Haven’t seen that one before; time to investigate.


A Simple Pattern to Generate Reports in Rails

29 March 2016

Your users shouldn't have to wait 1.5 seconds for their report.


You’ve got an app that’s used for some function; over the course of time it’s collected tons of data, and now your customers want ways to see what’s going on within the app. You put together a simple reporting scheme, but once you load it up with production data, you get a timeout while the report generates. It’s that slow. Read on for how to use a pure ruby on rails approach to build reporting for your app and store historical reports.


Amazon SES and SendGrid: Two Alternatives For Heroku's Mandrill Addon

28 March 2016

config.action_mailer.delivery_method = :pony_express

Mandrill Shutdown on Heroku

Mandrill has been the go-to mailer addon for Heroku apps for many people. However, MailChimp is consolidating their offerings and ending Mandrill support shortly. Existing Mandrill users have until April 27, 2016 to switch to a new provider. In this guide I’ll go over two alternatives I’ve used in the last couple months; SendGrid, and Amazon SES.


The Agile Guide to Learning Rails

25 March 2016

Be a Thinker by learning


This series of posts is, for now, entirely an exercise in putting down in writing the system I used to teach myself Rails and then market myself and land a job. This post will focus on learning, with both the how and the where as well as some resources I used along the way.


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