5 Steps to Landing a Ruby on Rails Job: Identify Strengths and Weaknesses (Part 1)

16 January 2016

This is post 2 in a series. For the other parts see:

At this point in the process, you know what you want, and that’s to find a position as a Rails developer. Knowing your goal, how do you get there? There’s really only two options.

  1. Use a system to get what you want.
  2. Blast your resume to everyone and everything that has ‘Rails’ in the job description.

Option 2 is a viable one and can definitely work. However, that depends too much on luck and hoping whatever skills you’re in possession of, a job opening, location and other compatibility to all align. I highly recommend doing this every now and again, but you’d be a hopeful fool to make this your primary strategy. For a sustainable approach to building success and creating maintainable momentum, you need a system. You’re an intelligent person; go for the long game. The start of this process should be reminiscent of a huuuuge freight train getting started. Methodical, powerful, and once it’s up to speed, unstoppable. That’s what you want to become, a mass of forward momentum.


Agile Methodology Outside of Development: 5 Steps to Landing a Ruby on Rails Job (Intro)

12 January 2016

MUST GO FURTHER. If you’ve got a healthy mindset, you’ll know the feeling. Due to a series of (un)fortunate events, August 2015 brought a drive and burning desire into my professional life to a degree I hadn’t known before. My goal: Switch industries and move from a Network Engineer to a Ruby on Rails consultant. There was a lot to learn, and I wanted to break into the consulting world yesterday. The only thing for it was to take the leap and get moving.

This series of posts will detail how I went from cowboy coding to making myself a viable candidate for reputable Rails companies and systematized a way towards success. Content from Patrick McKenzie regarding software development and consulting stoked the fires. Reading Scott Adams of Dilbert fame helped me put down and formalize some loose guidelines I’d assembled for the purpose of maximizing efficiency to land the Rails job I knew I’d get. The following are Agile guidelines tailored for learning new material quickly.

Repeat as needed.


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