Intro to the Ecommerce SaaS Benchmark Application

24 January 2017 on . 1 minute to read

In my search for speed and scalability, I’ve had the pleasure to spend a lot of time recently with Elasticsearch. It’s fast, powerful and continually updated to make it better at all it does. Besides Elasticsearch, I have my eyes on other technologies such as RELC (Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster), Citus DB, and many others which are geared towards scalability and ultimate performance. As a consultant, much of what I do revolves around enabling businesses to make money quicker and more efficiently. The core of many businesses these days is ecommerce. As such, I’ve created a stubbed out Ecommer SaaS project which will be specifically used to benchmark various technologies and how they scale on different orders of magnitude.

As time progresses, I’ll collect more data, expand the application’s features to more closely mimic an actual ecommerce app so that we can investigate what effects different technologies, platforms and data sets will have on the app’s performance.

Up to date list of articles diving into my ecommerce performance investigations:

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