Elasticsearch 5 Capabilities, Release Date

04 December 2016 on . 1 minute to read logo, a One More Cloud company

So far, I’ve found my favorite challenges in development and consulting all focus on performance; whether it’s building something from scratch that scales, or taking an older system and bringing it up to speed. A common thread throughout is using a cache or search service to tremendously boost speed. My first foray was with Solr, when I used it to achieve a 1588x speed increase for a client’s reports.

A similar product is Elasticsearch, and since I favor Heroku, Bonsai is my go to provider. Elasticsearch 5 was recently released, which offers some great performance increases and new features. I wasn’t able to find any official word from Bonsai about ES 5 offerings, so I reached out to them, and quickly received a response from their team, saying they do offer it.

I’m writing this in the hopes that anyone else looking for that information is able to find a suitable answer here for availability:

  • Private Elasticsearch instances: ES 5 is available
  • Public/Shared Elasticsearch instances: ES 5 will be available in Q1

If you’re like me, and enjoy spending your time making things go fast, you’ll be happy to know that this newest release of Elasticsearch will soon be available on a fantastic provider.

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