The ABC of My Life: Always Be Constructing

10 January 2017 on . 3 minutes to read

Always Be Closing for Productivity and Profit

For sales, there’s the classic line from Glengarry Glen Ross, “ABC: Always Be Closing”. It’s used as the mantra to drive their actions towards the end goal of more sales. Over the last 18 months (since I decided to become a consultant), I’d been living by my own ABC, though I hadn’t sat down and thought about it much til now. The ABC for my life is this: Always Be Constructing.

Why You Should Continually Build

The high level why behind this idea partly comes from my OCD over what needs to happen and as such will be a personal answer. If anyone else has noticed a similar pattern in there life that I describe in that post, of fixating on certain things until they’ve been removed from your head via acting on them, then think on my experience. If that doesn’t apply to, then let this be an insight into how another person’s mind works.

For me, the why is this: At any given point, there’s some idea incubating in my head. The longer an idea sits there without being thrown out, the more likely that it’s a good idea. Eventually this thought will effectively take over my consciousness, to the point where thinking about or doing anything else is a distraction from my internal monologue which is involved with fleshing out the details for the latent project. At this point, I’ve got three options:

  • Build It
  • Save it for later by writing it down somewhere (building my list of ideas for later)
  • Consciously decide it’s not worth my time, and discard it

Now, if you notice, the first two of those three are building things, and the last allows me to clear my head for the next project. In essence, I’m always building. What doesn’t work is letting an idea sit too long; I start to resemble the classic mad man from stories who’s focused so intently on his obsession that nothing else can get his attention. For me then, the primary reason to continually build is as a method to keep focused on other things in life than some crazy idea. Being extremely productive is a fantastic side effect.

What to Build

Identify the ideas that further your aims and press on towards them. Remember that the journey builds you up to your successes, and that each success isn’t an end, but merely the next step to bigger things.

  • Want to make more money? Build up the marketable parts of your talent stack.
  • Want to be healthier? Build good habits; regular sleep, exercise and nutrition
  • Want to strike out for yourself? Build your personal brand and business.

Whatever it is that you’re working towards, build things that will help take you there.

Where to Build

Build in the place where you can pour your thoughts out where they need to be. Some people exclusively work in coffee shops or the beach. Those sorts of environments are hell for me when I need to build a project. I’ve got an office setup in my house where everything’s organized and in reach that I use. Less visual clutter provides a distraction free environment to pour my ideas out onto my medium of choice.

When to Build


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