Ruby on Rails is what I do.

For a few years, I created Rails apps for side projects and friends while working as a Network Engineer at Georgia Tech and taking computer science classes. Now I work full time as a consultant, kicking ass and crushing it. Whether you need to make your app faster, architect a scalable and resilient design, or someone to work with your development team to make sure all your features are released ahead of time and under budget, I’m your man.

Performance Engineer

Without a doubt, my primary passion is speeding up applications. Whether it’s Elasticsearch, Redis or a scalable platform, I love to bring fresh spring to your application using the appropriate technologies and design patterns.


A properly architected application will spell the difference between fragility and long term robustness. Every project deserves a unique approach so that it’s dependable and can be easily altered in the future. Icons such as the Empire State Building and the Golden Gate Bridge stand today because they were properly architected. Let your projects receive the same attention; it will pay endless dividends.

Project Management

Larger projects introduce a new level complexity; managing teams of developers and insuring that what your project needs is properly built out and all the pieces are integrated together into a viable and cohesive application. Whether it’s a short term engagement to set up the proper agile techniques and project organization for your team, or a longer more hands on approach through the entire process, I have you covered.


Do you want to see how to take your idea or existing application to the next level? Contact me and I’ll show you how far your project can really go.